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Savana in a nutshell


At Savana Production Group, we’re passionate about poultry. We are genuinely proud of the role we play in serving high-quality and substantial poultry meals that people deserve. We own the entire chicken farming & breeding cycle.


Our poultry processing plant is equipped with the latest technology for slaughter line and segmentation, refrigeration and freezing tunnel, water and wastewater treatment system, the packaging system for nugget and schnitzel, waste-processing system, etc. It is the first and only user of shrink vacuum and multi-fresh technology in Iran that uses this technique for packaging white meat to provide products for consumers with distinctive appearance and quality.  The poultry is processed under strict hygienic conditions and is fully automated.




  • Consistency of quality – all our production is managed in-house, based on years of experience and the best-in-class technology, where we are the first and only company in Iran and the Middle East using form shrink and multi fresh technology in the poultry category.


  • Long-term successful record – with three decades of vast and continuous development, our company keeps growing and have more ambitious plans in the pipeline


  • Capacity and flexibility – we are big enough to supply large quantities but also flexible to process quickly and with respect smaller orders


  • Fast and precise delivery – with own transportation subsidiary, you may rely on smooth delivery process


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