ROCA 1927


Roca 1927 Group Carni was founded in 1927 in Banyoles, Pla de l’Estany county. Originally a family business, we currently have a team of 80 people working on the slaughter, butchery and packaging of ovine and bovine meat.

Since the company began, food quality and safety have always been one of our highest priorities. Roca 1927 Group Carni meets and exceeds the requirements of current national and international food safety and livestock welfare regulations.

Lamb Salchichon.jpg
Lamb Salchichon
Lamb Chorizo.jpg
Lamb Chorizo
Cured Lamb Leg.jpg
Cured Lamb Leg
Beef Cecina with Black Pepper.jpg
Beef Cecina
Baby Goat.jpg
Cured Beef Meet.jpg
Cured Beef Meet
Baby Lamb 5 - 6.9Kg.jpg
Baby Goat (Milk Fed) 
Baby Lamb (Milk Fed)