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The Essenes from Alps

One thing is certain:

We will provide you with a taste sensation you’ve never experienced before!


An old saying has it that “there is a herb for every ailment”. The energy of plants has long been used as a natural well­spring for health.

Even in Antiquity, wormwood was already a prized medicinal plant. Hildegard of Bingen described it as follows:

“Wormwood, also called artemisia absinthium, is warm and very potent and is the principle master against exhaustion.”

The active substances in wormwood can be said to stimulate the appetite and the digestion. Besides that they can be an unfailing source of inspiration. Taste it, and ...

Once upon a time ...

There was a young herdsman who lived high up in the Alps. He knew a great deal about nearly every single herb which grew up there. But one lovely afternoon while the young man was enjoying a break from his work, relaxing in the tall grass, a small plant – a small, yellowish green herb – caught his eye. When he took a leaf and rubbed it between his fingers, it released a pleasant and unique aroma. Intri­gued, he immediately started gathering some of the plants to study up there on his alp. Inspired by the plant’s scent, he brewed some tea with a pinch of the dried herb.

Thanks to the tea, he fell asleep far more easily than usual that evening. That night, a muse-like figure appeared in his dreams:

He was at work, concentrating on the cattle, dawn was already breaking, when the breathtakingly beautiful, even glowing form of a woman appeared. This delicate and matchless beauty told him that despite its slightly bitter taste, he should use the herb to mix a very special elixir ...

He saw the noble brew before him – gleaming green. He saw people literally snatching the delicious drink from his hands ...

The herdsman was so ex­cited that he awoke with a start. Unable to get back to sleep, he followed the ad­vice of the figure in his dre­am and went out to search for more of the herb and a few other ingredients. The result: a new, indescribably inspirational beverage ...

UPSYNTH – Alps Energy Drink

We have adopted the recipe crafted by that herdsman long ago, a well-kept secret for many years. The con­cept behind the upsynth products picks up on the tra­dition of blending wormwood with other alpine herbs, but interprets it in a completely new way. Have we piqued your curiosity?

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