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Al-Dana Group is distinguished for its manpower Supply section in The State of Qatar for Hotel industries, Businesses and other organization, providing professional talents and personnel sourcing solutions for. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in these fields, we draw resources from a variety of international talent, through a recruitment network that stretches around the world. With recruitment agents strategically positioned in the most qualified talent pools in the world, our manpower supply company is in an ideal position to identify and recruit potentials required.

As a part within our group we do provide manpower solutions for various sectors in The State of Qatar, from the world's leading recruitment agencies for newly start-ups companies, businesses than range from medium-sized through large size companies. We understand that each business is organized differently, with unique staff requirements coming. With that in mind, our custom agency tailors our services to ensure that we offer you with a detailed staff development plan designed to meet your specific needs.

Our screening process is the most stringent among manpower recruitment agencies in the State of Qatar for providing experienced and professional manpower.

​Beyond helping businesses and companies find skilled professionals, we can also support businesses to develop their in-house talent. Partner with us, and we can help you harness the potential of your personnel and help you maximize your resources and enrich your people with skills and knowledge that can help elevate their performance.

Employer Services

Al Dana Group is a leading staffing company that provides a high level of professional staff to the hospitality industry. All staff members who are assigned by Al-Dana Group go through a rigorous examination and training process that gives them the opportunity to develop their skill levels to provide our clients with a high level of service.

Al-Dana Group offers a full range of services from the front of the house to the back of the house staffing.

Al-Dana Commitment


Al Dana Group forms partnerships with its customers and clients to understand specific needs and requirements to develop a customized program around it to ensure appropriate support and service.

Customized Program

Al-Dana Group works faithfully and closely with its clients to meet the needs of professional workforce and create the required database. We ensure that our trained workforce are meeting our clients’ needs and culture of the company. 

Al-Dana Employees

Al-Dana Group recruits experience workforce  related to the specified job titles and needs of the clients, which help them to deliver their excellence service through our skilled staff.


Al-Dana Group provides training opportunities for all of its supplied employees to the clients to ensure they are well trained and groomed to perform their duties with passion and care to improve their skill set and personality so that our clients have the best of the best..

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